As a provider responsible for treating Long Island’s top athletes and weekend warriors, you understand the importance of getting them back in the game as quickly as possible after suffering an injury. However, while your priority should always be treating your patient’s specific injury, it is just as critical for you to monitor the physical performance of the affected muscles to make sure they are fit enough to withstand similar injuries in the future. One of the most effective techniques for monitoring an athlete’s physical performance is digitized functional performance testing. Dr. George E. Resnick has built countless relationships with sports rehabilitation practices by providing the best electrodiagnostic testing on Long Island. Our goal is to use our advanced diagnostic tools in order to help you provide the best patient care.

electrodiagnostic testing on Long Island

How Digitized Functional Performance Testing Can Help

In monitoring the functionality of your patient’s injured muscles, special attention will need to be paid to the following elements of their physicality:

Dr. Resnick is the premier expert in electrodiagnostic testing on Long Island. When you invite him to your practice for a consultation, he will use his specialized equipment to perform a manual muscle test (MMT) on your patient, giving you a complete understanding of their injury, as well as invaluable insight on how to construct the most appropriate treatment plan possible.


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As a fellow well-respected member of the medical community, Dr. George E. Resnick shares your concern for all athletes who suffer debilitating injuries while playing the sport they love. He is as committed to getting them on the road to recovery as you are, and does his part by providing mobile electrodiagnostic testing on Long Island. If you are unsure of how to proceed in treating your patient’s sports injury, contact Dr. Resnick today to invite him to your practice for a consultation to discuss various ways to implement these services.

What is Digitized Functional Performance Testing?