EMG testing in QueensWhat is Neuropathy?

Damage done to the nerves within your body is the primary result of peripheral neuropathy. As you could imagine, nerve damage can lead to an innumerable amount of complications, not only for your mental health but also potentially detrimental effects on the body itself. Our nervous system is fully capable of transmitting messages from our brain and dispersing the info to the rest of the body. Naturally, when this process is inhibited, issues can begin to arise. Fortunately, pursuing EMG testing in Queens with Dr. Resnick can be an outstanding technique for helping to diagnose neuropathy.

What are the risks of developing Neuropathy?

Potential risk factors that may be stimulated as a result of developing neuropathy can include the following:

  • Triggering the development of autoimmune diseases such as arthritis or lupus.
  • Disorders developing within the kidney or thyroid.
  • Formulation of infections such as Lyme disease.

What are the types of Neuropathy?

Unfortunately, there exist two distinct variations of neuropathy that will need to be properly diagnosed through procedures such as EMG testing in Queens. Examples of neuropathy and what they entail can be viewed and analyzed below:

  • Mononeuropathy: In this case, the disorder has created deterioration within a single peripheral nerve. Common causes can include repetitive motions and physical injury/trauma from an accident. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most commonly reported variations of mononeuropathy.
  • Polyneuropathy: Inversely to mononeuropathy, polyneuropathy effects multiple peripheral nerves throughout the body. The malfunctioning of these nerves could have been triggered by several catalysts, such as frequent consumption of alcohol or a poorly developed diet. Diabetic neuropathy is a prime example of polyneuropathy that has been diagnosed across the globe.

If you feel that you’ve fallen victim to either of these debilitating adaptations of neuropathy, EMG testing in Queens with Dr. Resnick can be a capable method for diagnosing the issue. EMG testing is able to reveal nerve dysfunction and can help properly diagnose nerve related issues such as neuropathy.  

Suffering from neurological disorders are not only strenuous but can create plenty of confusion for patients who may not fully understand the issues that are presently ailing them. Fortunately, you can contact Dr. Resnick for EMG testing in Queens and get yourself moving towards the right path for treatment.

Diagnosing Neuropathies