Advanced Neurological Testing

George E. Resnick, DC, P.C. specializes in administering mobile diagnostic services for doctors at their locations. By consulting and examining patients and providing electrodiagnostic techniques, we assist healthcare professionals in determining the most appropriate diagnoses, prognoses and treatment recommendations. Our company schedules and collaborates with practices in an expedient, ethical and productive manner.

Many practices handle a variety of cases where functional diagnostics are medically necessary. Our professional services render significant benefits to patient management throughout the tri-state New York metropolitan area. In addition to being adept at handling prescriptions for Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies, we offer an extensive range of Neuro-diagnostic Testing and Examination Services. Please see our services page outlining the wide range of advanced neurological diagnostic testing and examination procedures we provide.

George E. Resnick, DC, P.C. allows healthcare practitioners to offer patients advanced diagnostics with the quality, professional and comfortable experience all can be confident with. Attention to the details of each individual case is our utmost priority.

Please contact us today to see how we can add value to your practice and assist you in the care of your patients.

Privacy Policy

“I trust Dr. Resnick’s opinions with specific regard to his expertise in neuro-electrodiagnostics and his conservative based patient management recommendations. My patient’s have always reported to me a high level of professionalism and excellent bedside manner when consulting with Dr. Resnick. I take comfort in knowing Dr. Resnick is part of the diagnostic and treatment team within our practice.”

—Enrico Fazzini, DO (New York, NY), Board Certified Neurologist