Healthcare Professionals Speak About Dr. George Resnick

“Dr. Resnick’s electrodiagnostic study reports are clear, concise, and accurate. These reports aid us tremendously in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Patients find these uncomfortable or unpleasant tests much less disturbing when performed by Dr. Resnick.”

“I have come to know and trust Dr. Resnick and I have worked closely together on our mutual patient’s diagnostics and rehabilitation needs. His commitment to excellence academically and clinically is distinguished.”

“In many of our mutual cases, I have grown to count on Dr. Resnick’s input and look forward to his point of view. His adept management of patient interactions creates an ease of comfort of all involved.”

“Dr. Resnick always remains focused and thorough. He has a good rapport with patients, therapists, as well as colleagues. He is well liked, and I enthusiastically endorse him without any reservation.”

“Dr. George Resnick has performed electrophysiological testing in my offices in Great Neck, N.Y. and Manhattan. He is personal and very good with patients in applying tests, which are sometimes unpleasant.”

“Dr. Resnick has shown exemplary efforts in his pursuit of continued education and clinical experience. His many certifications in Neurology and Electrophysiology are a reflection of his professionalism and competence.”

“Dr. Resnick presents professionally, friendly, and with a level of care and concern, which has made my patient’s very comfortable during procedures, which are inherently uncomfortable.”

“Dr. Resnick’s neurodiagnostic services have been an invaluable tool to my patients and me.”

“I have never received so much positive feedback from my patients as I do in response to the sensitive caring and professional manner of Dr. Resnick. He is reliable and dependable, and he always stays on time with the patient’s schedule.”

“Dr. Resnick’s extraordinary knowledge and experience in his field is second to none. He is a well-rounded professional at the top of his field and an asset to our establishment.”

“I trust Dr. Resnick’s opinions with specific regard to his expertise in neuro-electrodiagnostics and his conservative based patient management recommendations. My patient’s have always reported to me a high level of professionalism and excellent bedside manner when consulting with Dr. Resnick. I take comfort in knowing Dr. Resnick is part of the diagnostic and treatment team within our practice.”

—Enrico Fazzini, DO (New York, NY), Board Certified Neurologist