If your patients are experiencing numbness, tingling, or weakness in the spine or limbs, advanced electrodiagnostics on Long Island can determine what the cause is. Neurological conditions and diseases such as muscular dystrophy, radiculopathies from herniated disks, peripheral entrapment neuropathies like carpal/tarsal tunnel, or pinched nerves can cause these symptoms due to the inappropriate function of the peripheral nerves electrical signal transmission. Serving providers all throughout New York City and Long Island, Resnick Electrodiagnostic Consultative Services can provide added value to your practice. Learn more how electrodiagnostics on Long Island can benefit your patients here.

electrodiagnostics on Long Island

What is Electrodiagnostics?

Electrodiagnostics uses electrical and computer averaging technology to capture electrical signals and measure the size, speed, and timing of electrical impulses which travel along nerves and between nerves and muscles. The testing is used for diagnosing and locating nerve, neuromuscular junction, and muscle disease or injury. This test is able to provide focused treatment for the exact location of the injury. The two tests that I use include Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Velocity studies which are should always be run together.


  1. Nerve Conduction Velocity Study – This test is conducted by placing recording and stimulating electrodes to the skin activated the nerves and recording responses over muscles and pure patch skin locations.
  2. Electromyography(EMG) – This test measures the electrical activity and signature noise within the muscles by listening to the noise with a needle pick-up electrode. This test is done by inserting a very thin needle into the skin and muscles on muscle at a time. The patient will then be instructed to relax and contract their muscles as desired by the examiner.


Both studies have mild if any discomfort associated with them generally when performed by highly skilled doctors like those who are part of Resnick Electrodiagnostics. Both of these tests are conducted together in order to provide a detailed account of overall neuromuscular function. This will enable you to better understand your patient’s overall health and well-being and most appropriate diagnoses.

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Electrodiagnostics on Long Island